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Beautiful old violins, and bows at trade prices.
Violins for sale from £295 to £20,000, bows from £145.


Our violin shop sells fine quality French violins and French violin bows at trade prices including many student and intermediate instruments in the lower price ranges.
We specialise in helping our customers select their ideal fine quality French violin from the many well known luthiers working from 1800 to 1947. Some examples to name a few are Paul Blanchard, Georges Apparut, Collin-Mezin, Emile Mennesson, Gustave Villaume, Joseph Aubry and many many more! Each violin is illustrated with ten superb photographs and also has a sound clip in MP3 format. Each bow is illustrated with five photos and has full details of weight, age, balance, length and condition.

All violins are professionally restored and set up, have good quality strings fitted and are supplied with case. Where necessary new pegs and tailpieces are fitted. I use only the very best quality fittings in Indian ebony, rosewood and boxwood. Strings are selected according to the qualities of the individual instrument: we use Pro-Arte, Dominant, Obligato, Evah Pirazzi, Larsen and other good makes.

Our instruments are shipped worldwide via a professional trackable service.We are experts in violin and fiddle packing. Delivery is 24 to 48 hour in the UK, 3-8 working days for the rest of the world. Full insurance cover is also included.

Payment is accepted online by credit card, bank draft, bank transfer or cheque drawn on a UK bank.

violin with Bazin bow

Charles and Louis Bazin and Alfred Bazin

The modernBazin makers, and by modern I mean from 1860 until 1980, were descended from François XavierBazin; François Xavier died of Cholera in 1865. His son was Charles Nicolas Bazin; his son wasLouis Bazin and his wasCharles Alfred Bazin. Bows by Charles Nicolas are fine bows and much sought after, they command a higher price than bows from Louis or Charles Alfred, mainly because of the quality of the sticks and antiquity. He produced a lot of bows and worked for amongst others: Audinot, Paul Blanchard, E.Boulangeot, Charles Brugère, Caressa & Français, G.A.Chanot, Collin-Mezin, Courvoisier, Curtil, Darches, Diens, J.P.Diter, P.Lorange and several others. In addition he stamped his own bows: Bazin, C.Bazin, Tourte, Tourte.L, Lupot, Maire, Tubbs, Pajeot etc.. Bows by Charles Nicolas are much sought after. The sticks are very good quality and produce a clear tone with good power. For the full article about theBazin family and others please see our bow information page.

A small example of some of the violin and bow makers that have been featured on our site.

Jean Larcher, Alexis Maline, E. Laurent, Laberte-Humbert brothers, Charles Le Lyonnais, Paul Bisch, Billottet, Paul Hilaire, Amédée Dieudonne, Paul Mangenot, Charles Bailly, Marc Laberte, Collin-Mezin, Eugene Perrard, Laberte & Magnié, L.Nadegini, Joseph Aubry, Fernand Jacquot, Emile Jeandat, Louis Courtier, Paul Jombar, Nicolas Remy, Emile Menesson, Paul Blanchard and many others. Also fine examples of bow makers such as Bazin, Lotte, Laberte, Prosper Colas, Morizot, Ouchard, Voirin, Maline, Clasquin, and Cuniot-Hury are always available on our site.
Many of our violin, violin fiddles and bows are by well known makers and are good investments as well as being a delight to play!
Please read our feedback pages from clients who are delighted with their, violin fiddle or violin bow. Click the links to see our selection of violins, fiddles and bows

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